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OBJECTIVE To examine the multi-faceted characteristics of women with repeat induced abortions and assess post-abortion family planning service provision in Georgia. STUDY DESIGN We performed secondary analysis of the data from the Georgian Reproductive Health Survey 2010. A logistic regression model was used to assess the socio-demographic and behavioral(More)
BACKGROUND Every year around 50 million unintended pregnancies worldwide are terminated by induced abortion. Even in countries, where it is legalized and performed in a safe environment, abortion carries some risk of complications for women. Findings of researchers on the factors that influence the sequelae of abortion are controversial and inconsistent.(More)
OBJECTIVES In Georgia, which has a longstanding, liberalised abortion law, the abortion procedure is generally safe if it is performed in a medical facility. However, when socioeconomic barriers prevent women from seeking safe abortion services, some risk their life by self-terminating an unintended pregnancy. We present a case of maternal mortality after a(More)
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