Nino Gagelidze

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The fermented milk matsoni is a traditional, national food product of both Georgia and Armenia. Little is known about the effects of biogeography and milk type on the microbial biodiversity of matsoni or the fungal composition of matsoni fermentations. High-throughput marker-gene sequencing was used to survey the bacterial and fungal communities of matsoni(More)
The composition of intracellular soluble proteins in a parental strain ofMycobacterium “rubrum” and its mutants was studied by polyacrylamide gel gradient electrophoresis. The composition of the protein fractions of the parental and the mutant strains was similar, they differed in one protein only. The presence of a 60 kDa protein should be stressed since(More)
The kinetics of growth, development, carotenogenesis and changes in the composition of the reaction medium were studied in the course of Mycobacterium rubrum batch cultivation in synthetic and complex media. The culture growth was found to be composed of five phases in the synthetic medium and of four phases in the complex medium. When the culture was grown(More)
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