Nino Archvadze

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Unsupervised cluster analysis is proposed for analysis of active avoidance formation in three groups of albino rats: 1) Intact; 2) With electrolytic lesions of neocortex over the dorsal hippocampus; and 3) with electrolytic lesions of dorsal hippocampus. The term “behavior vector” has been introduced to assess quantitatively the behavior of rats while(More)
The functional programs are the recursive functions. Therefore, the paper primarily discuss all the forms having the recursive function. For the data structures, such as the lists, the following forms are available: the parallel recursion, inter-recursion, and the recursion of high level. The paper has exposed each form on the LISP language, being the(More)
The experiments have been carried out on intact and hippocampectomized white rats. In the first stage of these experiment a two-entrance communicating chamber behind which a feeding trough was placed the animals were conditioned to food- processing reaction to visual discrimination. The two doors of this chamber were illuminated with different intensity. In(More)
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