Ninh Trung Bui

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A multitiered genetic association study of 25 215 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in three case-control sample sets (1446 patients and 1432 controls) identified three IL13-linked SNPs (rs1800925, rs20541 and rs848) associated with psoriasis. Although the susceptibility effects at these SNPs were modest (joint allelic odds ratios (ORs): 0.76 to 0.78;(More)
Using a multi-tiered, case-control association design, scanning 25 215 gene-centric SNPs, we previously identified two psoriasis susceptibility genes: IL12B and IL23R. These results have recently been confirmed. To better characterize the IL23R psoriasis-association, we used a fine mapping strategy to identify 59 additional IL23R-linked SNPs, which were(More)
This paper will explore the feasibility of applying visual gestures in conjunction with commoditized optic sensor technology to mouse interfaces. To that end, the Microsoft Kinect was used. This can be considered as an implementation detail however for the most part. A Kinect-controllable desktop simulator capable of comprehending visual gestures was(More)
We investigate effects of amplified spontaneous emission noise (ASE), noise figure (NF) and dispersion chromatic on the performance of DWDM networks using distributed optical fiber Raman amplifiers (DRAs) in two different pump configurations, i.e., forward and backward pumping. We found that the pumping configurations, ASE noise, and dispersion play an(More)
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