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Location Based Service (LBS) is gaining popularity on smart phones. One fundamental LBS is range search, which returns all Point of Interests (POIs) within a user-specified range. However, people also leave their location privacy at risks when using LBS like range search. How can a user invoke such service without revealing his location is an interesting,(More)
Currently, the requirements of service quality in the electric power data network are getting higher and higher, and traffic prediction is an important premise to promote service quality. In order to accurately predict the total traffic of communication channels, a Multi-Applications Comprehensive Traffic Prediction (MACTP) model is proposed in this paper.(More)
OTN technology has been widely used in smart grid, which improves transmission speed, transmission efficiency and transmission capacity of the network. In order to supervise the operation of the network in real time and improve quality of service (QoS), we need to make a quantitative assessment of operation quality for OTN in smart grid. In this paper, we(More)
Distribution and Utilization communication network carries not only the information of distribution network control, but also the information of all the distributed energy resources and power consumption measurement. However, the data flow and services flow prediction is very hard to plan and predict. This paper proposed the model that was very useful for(More)
With rapid progress in power communication networking, the present power communication network has become an integrated transmission network that supports various services (e.g., control data, service data, voices, and images). Compared with traditional network services, realtime services in the present power communication network have stricter requirements(More)
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