Ningning Zhang

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A contrasting trend pattern of sea surface salinity (SSS) between the western tropical Pacific (WTP) and the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean (SETIO) is observed during 2004-2013, with significant salinity increase in the WTP and freshening in the SETIO. In this study, we show that increased precipitation around the Maritime Continent (MC), decreased(More)
This study presents the first long term (10-year period, 2004-2013) datasets of PM2.5-bound nickel (Ni) concentration obtained from the daily sample in urban of Xi'an, Northwestern China. The Ni concentration trend, pollution sources, and the potential health risks associated to Ni were investigated. The Ni concentrations increased from 2004 to 2008, but(More)
Black carbon (BC) aerosol plays an important role in climate forcing. The net radiative effect is strongly dependent on the physical properties of BC particles. A single particle soot photometer and a carbon monoxide analyser were deployed during the Chinese Lunar Year (CLY) and on weekdays at Xi'an, China, to investigate the characteristics of refractory(More)
Pseudoroegneria (Nevski) ´ A. Löve and Leymus Hochst. are important genera of forage and turf grasses in temperate regions. Many of the members are valuable sources of germplasm, and are used for introducing desirable characters like salt tolerance and pathogen resistance into the small grain crops. As a diploid outbreeder, Pseudoroegneria can easily(More)
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