Ning-ling Sun

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IMPORTANCE Uncertainty remains about the efficacy of folic acid therapy for the primary prevention of stroke because of limited and inconsistent data. OBJECTIVE To test the primary hypothesis that therapy with enalapril and folic acid is more effective in reducing first stroke than enalapril alone among Chinese adults with hypertension. DESIGN, SETTING,(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of treatments that lower homocysteine concentrations in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease remains controversial. Our aim was to do a meta-analysis of relevant randomised trials to assess the efficacy of folic acid supplementation in the prevention of stroke. METHODS We collected data from eight randomised trials of folic(More)
LCZ696 (Japanese adopted name: sucabitril valsartan sodium hydrate), a first-in-class angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor, concomitantly inhibits neprilysin and blocks angiotensin type 1 receptor. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the first in Asia for this drug, evaluated the dose-related efficacy and safety of LCZ696 in(More)
There are growing data and a continuing controversy over the effect of folic acid supplementation on cancer risk. We conducted a meta-analysis based on up-to-date published relevant randomized trials to further examine this issue. Relative risk (RR) was used to measure the effect of folic acid supplementation on risk of cancer using a random-effects model.(More)
Family history of hypertension is a primary predictor of high blood pressure (BP). This study attempted to determine whether there is a gradual increase in BP and an early change in arterial elasticity characteristics between young healthy individuals with or without a family history of hypertension and whether or not this increase is apparent in males as(More)
Clinical observations suggest that incidence of cough in Chinese taking angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors is much higher than other racial groups. Cough is the most common adverse reaction of enalapril. We investigate whether SLCO1B1 genetic polymorphisms, previously reported to be important determinants of inter-individual variability in enalapril(More)
BACKGROUND A majority of hypertensives require treatment with ≥2 antihypertensive therapies to achieve blood pressure (BP) goals. Single-pill combinations (SPC) may improve convenience and adherence to therapy and reduce health care resource use and costs. The antihypertensive effects of amlodipine and valsartan are well established. This study evaluated(More)
Hypertension is a common disorder and the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease and premature deaths worldwide. Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) in the European population have identified multiple chromosomal regions associated with blood pressure, and the identified loci altogether explain only a small fraction of the variance for blood(More)
We aimed to investigate the prevalence of hyperhomocysteinaemia (total plasma homocysteine (tHcy) ≥ 10 μmol/l) and its major determinants in rural Chinese hypertensive patients. A cross-sectional investigation was carried out in Lianyungang of Jiangsu province, China. This analysis included 13 946 hypertensive adults. The prevalence of hyperhomocysteinaemia(More)
STUDY DESIGN An open-label, multicentre study was conducted to evaluate the antihypertensive efficacy of a 4-week course of losartan 50 mg plus hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg in Asian patients with essential hypertension whose blood pressure had previously been treated with but not controlled by valsartan 80 mg. METHODS A total of 237 eligible patients with(More)