Ning-Yu Liu

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Cultured rat retinal pigment epithelium cells are shown to contain serotonergic, 5-HT2, receptors associated with phosphoinositide turnover and mobilization of intracellular calcium. Serotonin at a concentration of 10 microM induced a 2.5-fold increase in [3H]-inositol phosphates (more than 75% is in the form of [3H]-inositol-1-phosphate) accumulation(More)
Recent physiological studies in the kidney proposed the existence of a secondary feedback mechanism termed 'crosstalk' localized after the macula densa. This newly discovered crosstalk contact between the nephron tubule and its own afferent arteriole may potentially revolutionize our understanding of renal vascular resistance and electrolyte regulation.(More)
PURPOSE CD44 is a major hyaluronic acid receptor that exists as a number of isoforms, generated by alternative splicing of 9 "variant" exons in humans (v2 to v10) and 10 exons in rodents. Little is known about the expression and function of CD44 in human retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells. Therefore, the authors determined whether human RPE cells(More)
PURPOSE To mimic hypoxia preconditioning by a novel specific pyruvate treatment and to study its retinal protection against white light damage. METHODS Six-to-eight-week-old BALB/c mice were exposed to strong white light calculated to produce photoreceptor degeneration. Some were given injections of pyruvate in a preordained protocol because evidence(More)
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