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Fe-montmorillonite (Fe-Mont.) is obtained by exchanging the original interlayer cations of montmorillonite by poly-hydroxyl ferric. In this paper, Fe-Mont. was synthesized by using Ca-montmorillonite (Ca-Mont.) directly under ultrasonic treatment with the aim to enhance the ability of removal of heavy metal ions from wastewater. The modified materials were(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the validity of CT perfusion in assessing angiogenic activity of lung cancer. METHODS Fifty-six patients with lung cancer scheduled for elective surgical resection received 16-slice helical CT perfusion imaging. Time-density curve (TDC), blood flow (BF), blood volume (BV), mean transmit time (MTT) and permeability surface area(More)
For sentiment classification, it is often recognized that embedding based on distributional hypothesis is weak in capturing sentiment contrast–contrasting words may have similar local context. Based on broader context, we propose to incorporate Theta Pure Dependence (TPD) into the Paragraph Vector method to reinforce topical and sentimental information. TPD(More)
We propose a vena cava filter in which helical flow is created in the filter's working zone to minimize filter blockage by trapped clots and facilitate the lysis of trapped clots. To validate this new design, we compared five helical flow inducers with different thread pitches in terms of blood flow patterns in the filter. The vena cava was reconstructed(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the sectional anatomical features of auricular and middle ear malformation in patients with microtia so as to improve the clinical classification and the instruction of surgery. METHODS From Jun. to Dec. 2009, 36 cases with microtia were selected in the center of auricular reconstruction in Plastic Surgery Hospital, including 22 cases(More)
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