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The effects of Sirt1 gene and resveratrol on porcine preadipocyte apoptosis have not been characterized. Here, we investigated the apoptotic effects of Sirt1 and resveratrol on porcine preadipocytes, finding that resveratrol-induced preadipocyte apoptosis and up-regulated protein levels of Sirt1. Intriguingly, Sirt1 knockdown by RNAi also resulted in(More)
Compared with the rodent, the domestic pig is a much better animal model for studying adipogenesis and obesity-related diseases. Currently, the role of Akt2 and Sirt1 in porcine adipogenesis remains elusive. In this study, we defined the effect of Akt2 and Sirt1 on porcine preadipocyte lipogenesis and the regulatory mechanism. First, we found that Akt2 was(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety of catheter‑directed thrombolysis combined with angioplasty in the treatment of hepatic vein obstruction in Budd‑Chiari syndrome (BCS) complicated by thrombosis. In 14 cases of BCS, the patients with hepatic vein obstruction complicated by thrombosis who underwent catheter‑directed urokinase(More)
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