Ning-Ning Pang

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Reshef et al. (Science 334:1518–1523, 2011) introduce the maximal information coefficient, or MIC, which captures a wide range of relationships between pairs of variables. We derive a useful property which can be employed either to substantially reduce the computer time to determine MIC, or to obtain a series of MIC values for different resolutions. Through(More)
We take a detailed study on the restricted solid-on-solid (RSOS) model with finite nearest-neighbor height difference S. We numerically show that, for all finite values of S, the system belongs to the random-deposition (RD) class in the early time stage and then crossovers to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) class. We find that the crossover time scales as(More)
We undertake an extensive analytical study on the "generalized detrended fluctuation analysis" method, designed to detect the scaling behaviors of fluctuating systems but exclude out the influences of the backgrounds (or the trends). Through our extensive studies, we systematically extract out the exact backgrounds (or the trends) of the fluctuating systems(More)
An extensive study on the (2+1) -dimensional super-rough growth processes, described by a special class of linear growth equations, is undertaken. This special class of growth equations is of theoretical interests since they are exactly solvable and thus provide a window for understanding the intriguing anomalous scaling behaviors of super-rough interfaces.(More)
We propose an efficient scheme for parametric fitting expressed in terms of the Legendre polynomials. For continuous systems, our scheme is exact and the derived explicit expression is very helpful for further analytical studies. For discrete systems, our scheme is almost as accurate as the method of singular value decomposition. Through a few numerical(More)
Because all the cell populations are capable of making switches between different genetic expression states in response to the environmental change, Thattai and van Oudenaarden (Genetics 167, 523-530, 2004) have raised a very interesting question: In a constantly fluctuating environment, which type of cell population (heterogeneous or homogeneous) is fitter(More)
An extensive analytical and numerical study on a class of growth processes with spatiotemporally correlated noise in arbitrary dimension is undertaken. In addition to the conventional investigation on the interface morphology and interfacial widths, we pay special attention to exploring the characteristics of the slope-slope correlation function S(r,t) and(More)
We give an extensive study on a class of interfacial superroughening processes with finite lateral system size in 1+1 dimensions described by linear growth equations with spatiotemporally power-law decaying correlated noise. Since some of these processes have an extremely long relaxation time, we first develop a very efficient method capable of simulating(More)
A study on the (1+1) -dimensional superrough growth processes is undertaken. We first work out the exact relations among the local interfacial width w , the correlation function G , and the pth degree residual local interfacial width w(p) with p=1,2,3,... . The relations obtained are exact and thus can be applied to any (1+1) -dimensional growth processes(More)
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