Ning Luo

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— Research and development of technologies supporting subscriber location identification has rapidly increased around the world. A technology demonstrator was developed for wireless location estimation in IS-95 CDMA wireless cellular systems. Field measurements were used to evaluate the performance of the developed technology demonstrator. Interim results,(More)
A new approach of ionosphere recovery has been developed and described in this thesis using a regional area GPS network. The approach focuses on recovering ionosphere vertical TEC at centimetre accuracy using carrier phase as the principal observable. To eliminate possible satellite and receiver dependent biases, a double difference method has been employed(More)
We present a theoretical study of the electronic structures of freestanding nanowires made from gallium phosphide (GaP)-a III-V semiconductor with an indirect bulk bandgap. We consider [001]-oriented GaP nanowires with square and rectangular cross sections, and [111]-oriented GaP nanowires with hexagonal cross sections. Based on tight binding models, both(More)
Wind and wave dynamic loads might cause undesirable vibrations that affect the structure integrity and system performance of floating offshore wind turbines. This paper addresses the problem of dynamic load mitigation by using semiactive control techniques with the tuned liquid column dampers placed on the turbine's tower. The control law is formulated(More)
The [111]-oriented InAs/GaSb and GaSb/InAs core-shell nanowires have been studied by the 8 × 8 Luttinger-Kohn Hamiltonian to search for non-vanishing fundamental gaps between inverted electron and hole bands. We focus on the variations of the band-inverted fundamental gap, the hybridization gap, and the effective gap with the core radius and shell thickness(More)
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