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l-Leucine is a signaling amino acid in animal metabolism. It is unknown whether supplementing l-leucine to breast-fed neonates may enhance their small-intestinal development. This hypothesis was tested with a piglet model. Seven-day-old sow-reared pigs with an average birth weight of 1.45 kg were assigned randomly to the control or leucine group (n =(More)
BACKGROUND L-Glutamate (Glu) is a major amino acid in milk and postweaning diets for mammals (including pigs and human infants). However, effects of Glu on intestinal mucosal barrier and antioxidative functions are unknown. OBJECTIVE This study tested the hypothesis that Glu may enhance the barrier function of intestinal porcine epithelial cell line 1(More)
The aim of this study was to summarize oncological and functional results and to investigate surgical treatment methods and efficacies by conducting a retrospective study of patients with fibrous dysplasia (FD) in the proximal femur. A total of 15 patients with FD in the proximal femur were selected. Among them, 12 cases were monostotic and 3 cases were(More)
A palladium-catalyzed direct dehydrogenative annulation (DDA) of indolecarboxamides with internal alkynes via C-H and N-H bond cleavage using air as the oxidant was developed. With this method, both beta- and gamma-carbolinones can be easily prepared under the mild conditions.
A simple and readily available PdCl2 catalyzed carbamate synthesis method via isocyanate generation and application in situ has been developed. This chemistry provides an efficient and practical approach to synthesize carbamates from simple organic azides, CO atmosphere and alcohols. The broad scope, mild and neutral conditions, and only N2 as the byproduct(More)
An efficient Mn-catalyzed aerobic oxidative hydroxyazidation of olefins for synthesis of β-azido alcohols has been developed. The aerobic oxidative generation of azido radical employing air as the terminal oxidant is disclosed as the key process for this transformation. The reaction is appreciated by its broad substrate scope, inexpensive Mn-catalyst, high(More)
Because of the importance of nitrogen-containing compounds in chemistry and biology, organic chemists have long focused on the development of novel methodologies for their synthesis. For example, nitrogen-containing compounds show up within functional materials, as top-selling drugs, and as bioactive molecules. To synthesize these compounds in a green and(More)
This paper describes the direct cyanation of indoles and benzofurans employing N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) as both reagent and solvent. Isotopic labeling experiments indicated that both the N and the C of the cyano group derived from DMF. This transformation offers an alternative method for preparing aryl nitriles, though it is currently limited in scope to(More)
Pd doles it out: A palladium-catalyzed approach to indoles using the title reaction was achieved (see scheme). The oxidant used in this catalytic cycle was O(2). Both N-nonsubstituted and N-alkyl monosubstituted anilines can be successfully transformed into the corresponding indoles by this method.