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Web services present a new promising software technology. However, some new issues and challenges in testing of them come out due to their characteristics of distribution, source code invisibility etc. This paper discusses the traditional mutation testing and then a new methodology of OWL-S requirement model-based web service mutation testing is brought(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine whether rice that has been genetically produced to express human lactoferrin (LF) or lysozyme (LZ) protects the intestinal tract similarly to subtherapeutic antibiotics (bacitracin + roxarsone; Antibiotics). Experiment 1 compared 10 corn-soy diets containing 20% of various proportions of LF, LZ or conventional(More)
When web services play more important roles in software development, the corresponding software dedicated for web services testing has attracted more attention. This paper proposes a new mutation testing method based on the requirement model presented by OWL-S, which not only improves the test efficiency, but also makes the test work undergoing(More)
This paper deals with the interoperability errors in the process of Web services. The communication data are first captured and then stored in the ontology library. The analysis is done in light of the JESS reasoning system on the basis of the analysis rules. The testing system is flexible, for it can distinguish new error types by adding the corresponding(More)
The relationship between gaze and speech is explored for the simple task of moving an object from one location to another on a computer screen. The subject moves a designated object from a group of objects to a new location on the screen by stating, <i>"Move it there"</i>. Gaze and speech data are captured to determine if we can robustly predict the(More)
BACKGROUND Neutralizing autoantibodies (Abs) against granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF Ab) have been associated with stricturing ileal Crohn's disease (CD) in a largely pediatric patient cohort (total 394, adult CD 57). The aim of this study was to examine this association in 2 independent predominantly adult inflammatory bowel(More)
BACKGROUND The first major Crohn's disease (CD) susceptibility gene, NOD2, implicates the innate intestinal immune system and other pattern recognition receptors in the pathogenesis of this chronic, debilitating disorder. These include the Toll-like receptors, specifically TLR4 and TLR5. A variant in the TLR4 gene (A299G) has demonstrated variable(More)
Web Service is widely used nowadays, and whether implementation of Web Service-based System composed of individual services, especially interaction among individual services, meets requirements is an important research area in testing Web Service-based System. This paper presents an approach to test interaction of Web Service-based System based on(More)