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A chance constrained model is presented for the minimum cost design of water distribution networks. This methodology attempts to account for the uncertainties in required demands, required pressure heads, and pipe roughness coefficients. The optimization problem is formulated as a nonlinear progmmmhg model which is solved using a generalized reduced(More)
Many algorithms have been developed to optimize police patrol services. Previous studies have mainly focused on determining the important locations (e.g., crime hotspots) and identifying important routes based on the topology of road networks. However, the impact of the patterns of hotspots on patrol route selections and the collective performance of patrol(More)
Moving objects, for example vehicles, vessels, people, are being instrumented with Internet of Things devices such as GPS, environmental sensors, mobile cameras that produce big streaming data with spatial-temporal features enabling application innovations in many industries for autonomous driving, usage based insurance, fleet management, etc. We introduce(More)
With the rise of sensor technology, ubiquitous mobile devices generate high-rate spatio-temporal data streams and send to backend servers in real time. While the mobile data streams are critical sources of mobility analytics supporting advanced mobile services, they also raise new challenges of scalable data processing for trajectory-featured data streams.(More)
Social services are more and more popular with the development of web and mobile internet. Behind social services, graph model is the key data structure representing the relationship among social entities. Partitioning social graphs according to graph connectivity is an important technique for the competency of social services including parallel computing,(More)
Software as a Service (SaaS) is an emerging model to deliver software over the Web as a service. With the fast growing of the SaaS business in the recent years, data mining application in SaaS environment becomes an attractive topic. While many existing Web mining technologies can be leveraged, SaaS has its own unique perspective. In this paper, we propose(More)
Sensors are pervasively deployed on mobile devices with the development of Internet of Things technology. Value-added services are innovated and developed by analyzing data streams from massive number of mobile sensors in online mode. Due to dynamic working condition of mobile sensors and the high data rate, back end analytic services confront incoming(More)
Service business now plays increasingly important role in real-world economy. This has stimulated the analytic requirement for generating insight from the structural and interrelated service data, so as to improve service operation and management excellence. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-relational classification algorithm, namely RSCC (Relational(More)