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In this study, a new mechanism involving glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) and alternative pathways (AP) in salt pretreatment-induced tolerance of highland barley to UV-B radiation was investigated. When highland barley was exposed to UV-B radiation, the G6PDH activity decreased but the AP capacity increased. In contrast, under UV-B+NaCl treatment,(More)
S100A11 is a member of the S100 family of EF-hand Ca(2+)-binding proteins, which is expressed in smooth muscle and other tissues. Ca(2+) binding to S100A11 induces a conformational change that exposes a hydrophobic surface for interaction with target proteins. Affinity chromatography with immobilized S100A11 was used to isolate a 70-kDa protein from smooth(More)
We presented an extensible multidimensional sensor with conjugated nonspecific dye-labeled DNA sequences absorbed onto gold nanoparticles (DNA-AuNPs) as receptors. At the presence of target protein, DNA was removed from the surface of AuNPs due to the competitive binding, which resulted in a red-to-blue color change along with salt-induced aggregation of(More)
CPD45 (chloroplast division45),which is also known as FHY3 (far-red elongated hypocotyl3), is a key factor in the far-red light signaling pathway in Arabidopsis. We previously showed that FHY3/CPD45 also regulates chloroplast division. Because light is also a regulator of chloroplast development and division, we sought to clarify the relationship between(More)
Certified solution standards are widely used in forensic toxicological, clinical/diagnostic, and environmental testing. Typically, these standards are purchased as ampouled solutions with a certified concentration. Vendors present concentration and uncertainty differently on their Certificates of Analysis. Understanding the factors that impact uncertainty(More)
Phosphate removal from wastewater is very important for the prevention of eutrophication. Adsorption of phosphate from water was investigated using activated carbon fiber loaded with lanthanum oxide (ACF-La) as a novel adsorbent. The effects of variables (La/ACF mass ratio, impregnation time, activation time, and activation temperature) have been studied by(More)
An extensible multidimensional colorimetric sensor array for the detection of protein is developed based on DNA functionalized gold nanoparticles (DNA-AuNPs) as receptors. In the presence of different proteins, the aggregation behavior of DNA-AuNPs was regulated by the high concentrations of salt and caused different color change; while DNA-AuNPs grew(More)
Stepwise locking of phenyl rings of tetraphenylethene increases the emission efficiency of luminogen solutions gradually, thus verifying the restriction of intramolecular rotation (RIR) mechanism of the aggregation induced emission phenomenon. The emission of the luminogen with one "O" bridge could be tuned reversibly in solid state through repeated heating(More)
  • Ning Chang
  • 2010 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent…
  • 2010
The problem of forecast belongs to an input-output nonlinear system in nature. And most of problems which need to be forecasted have a large number of predictors which are relatively correlated. Therefore neural network has unique superiority in dealing with such problems. But when traditional BP (Back-Propagation Network) neural network is used to predict,(More)
This paper describes a methodology and platform for the rapid deployment of telecommunications services based on intelligent terminal processors. We propose the platform approach to bypass the lengthy standardization process and the community of interest problem. The platforms are intelligent terminal equipment such as workstations with hardware and(More)