Ninel N. Panteleeva

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This paper reports new records of the benthic trachymedusa Ptychogastria polaris Allman, 1878 in grab samples taken off the Kurile Islands (Pacific Ocean). Photographs showing habitats of P. polaris on the seabed were obtained in the southeastern Barents Sea in 1988. The new material, as well as collections of the Russian Academy of Sciences, allowed a(More)
Most hydroids (Cnidaria: Medusozoa, Hydroidea) are marine species with a metagenetic life cycle. By the former definition, metagenesis is the alternation of asexually reproducing polypoid and sexually reproducing medusoid generations [1, 2]. However, this definition has been recently revised [3], and the meaning of the term metagenesis is now specified in(More)
Primarily for intertidal species, internal brooding has been reported as a frequently used reproductive strategy of sea anemones. While brooding reduces dispersal, this strategy seems to be beneficial in a harsh environment, such as the intertidal zone. We focused on the species composition, habitat preference and spatial structure of the internally(More)
353 The coastal zone of the eastern Murman is sub jected to intense anthropogenic activity in the spheres of power engineering, oil and gas industry, fishery and tourism. Therefore, at present, the necessity arises of broadening the knowledge about the state of the envi ronment and, in particular, of the state of the bottom fauna in this poorly studied(More)
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