Ninad Pradhan

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— A predictive field based path planner for mobile robot navigation in indoor areas is described. Predictive fields are used for incorporating moving obstacle information into the navigation function framework. Navigation functions have been limited by geometric restrictions for robot workspaces and cannot easily be used in everyday environments. A(More)
— A potential function based path planner for a mobile robot to autonomously navigate an area crowded with people is proposed. Path planners based on potential functions have been essentially static, with very limited representation of the motion of obstacles as part of their navigation model. The static formulations do not take into account the possibility(More)
— Person following is integral to robot companion systems and in service and assistive robots operating in various other scenarios. Human populated environments challenge these robots to navigate around highly dynamic workplaces. The primary challenges for these robotic systems, navigation through uncertainty and occlusion detection and handling, are(More)
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