Nina Yancheva

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The oncoprotein c-Jun is thought to be a mediator of ras transformation as both its synthesis and activity as a transcription factor are stimulated by ras expression. But c-Jun co-operates with ras in transformation assays, suggesting that they act along different pathways (reviewed in ref. 4). Here we show by means of a dominant-negative mutated(More)
Endogenous proteolysis in chromatin of terminally differentiated, quiescent, and actively proliferating cells was studied by measuring the released acid-soluble radioactivity of [3H]tryptophan-prelabelled nuclear proteins, and by following the specific quantitative and qualitative changes in electrophoregrams of chromosomal proteins. The experiments suggest(More)
In contrast to the widely accepted idea of the nearly absolute metabolic stability of histones, our experiments support the view that the histones of nonproliferating, terminally differentiated cells undergo continuous replacement. This conclusion is based on the incorporation of labeled amino acids into the histones of mouse kidney and liver cells after(More)
The results presented in this paper provide evidence that the erythroid differentiation induced with n-butyric acid (BA) in F4N Friend cells depends mainly on the ability of different media to support an active cellular proliferation. No significant differences in the percentage of hemoglobin-positive cells were observed when a comparative induction was(More)
We have isolated fragments of a novel nuclear structure exhibiting the morphological and biochemical characteristics of a ribonucleoprotein network. Under transmission electron microscopy it is visualized as irregularly interconnected branches assembled by tightly packed particles with sizes between 100A and 300A. RNA extracted from this structure shows a(More)
Patients and methods The study included HIV-1+ patients (n=56) that have started c-ART between March 1999 and December 2001, have been on continuous treatment, with good adherence, death being the only reason for ART stop. Of them, 27 had a history of irregular pre-treatment with AZT or AZT/LMV for an average of 4.6 yrs (Group A), and 29 were ART-naïve(More)
1. Qualitative and quantitative distribution of the non-histone proteins in nuclear matrix, chromatin, a new type of RNP-network and nucleosol of Friend cells have been investigated. 2. The specific territorial distribution and metabolism of these proteins found support for the idea of their exact compartmentalization. 3. Since the majority of the(More)
Introduction: Prior studies in Brazil have shown that the group of men who have sex with men (MSM) is the most severely affected by HIV. In 2015, a multi-disciplinary team launched a community-wide intervention in the city of Curitiba to evaluate the acceptability, uptake and cost-effectiveness of multiple HIV testing services (HTS). The current study aims(More)
The present investigation performed on Friend erythroleukemia cells provides evidence that the cellular reprogramming associated with transition of the cells from the growing to the resting state is accompanied by an intranuclear cycling of preexisting proteins migrating from the cytoplasm. The model system developed for this study affords an opportunity to(More)
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