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Nina Wishbow has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from Carnegie Mellon University. She was a technical writer and documentation manager for six years, and is now the Manager of LEGENT% Human Interface Group. Michael Thompson has a Masters in Prof=ional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. He was an intern in the Usability Group at Apple Computer and has been a(More)
The revelatory value of protocol analysis endures. Commentary on "The user edit: Making manuals easier to use. Upon reading the Atlas (1981) article fifteen years after my first exposure to it, and a good seventeen years after its first appearance in a journal, my first reaction to this article is that it remains one of the best "sound bites" on usability(More)
Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU) and International Business Machines (IBM) have recently decided to collaborate on an innovative project: to implement a distributed computing system at CMU. A distributed computing system integrates personal computers, midsized machines known as file servers, and mainframes through a network. This system will provide CMU's(More)
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