Nina Wakeford

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Although public internet access in London is dominated by the large chain easyInternetCafe, outside the central areas many small independent internet cafés are catering to local populations. This article examines the ways in which two of these cafés operate. Participant observation and interviews provide the data for this study of the ways in which both the(More)
The sensibilities and varieties of expression gathered under what John Law describes as resources of the baroque do not suggest a method but an orientation to thinking and research that departs from dominant modes of knowing in the social sciences and humanities. This includes concerns with excess, non-coherence, the senses, Otherness, affect, embodiment,(More)
This article asks methodological questions about studying infrastructure with some of the tools and perspectives of ethnography. Infrastructure is both relational and ecological—it means different things to different groups and it is part of the balance of action, tools, and the built environment, inseparable from them. It also is frequently mundane to the(More)
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