Nina W. Matheson

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The fundamental idea of the library must change. The nineteenth-century idea of the library as the embalming of dead genius and the twentieth-century idea of the library as the repository for second-hand knowledge must give way to the idea of the library as the owner and the librarian as the manager of first-hand knowledge. In the coming era of knowledge(More)
  • N W Matheson
  • Journal of the American Medical Informatics…
  • 1995
The overarching informatics grand challenge facing society is the creation of knowledge management systems that can acquire, conserve, organize, retrieve, display, and distribute what is known today in a manner that informs and educates, facilitates the discovery and creation of new knowledge, and contributes to the health and welfare of the planet. At one(More)
A comparative study was undertaken to assess the reasons for the low rankings received by George Washington University Medical Center library in the Annual Statistics for Medical School Libraries in the United States and Canada. Although internal studies showed the library was successfully satisfying user needs and meeting its primary objectives, the(More)
This paper focuses on the creation of the IAIMS workstation in the context of the outcomes of a year-long IAIMS strategic planning process at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (JHMI). These outcomes include a long-term institutional vision for a functional knowledge management environment, a JHMI IAIMS model, a strategic plan, and two model prototypes.(More)
The Extramural Programs, NLM, undertook a staff study to evaluate the Medical Library Resource Improvement Grant Program in order to determine impact on hospital library development and to assess factors significant to regional medical library (RML) network development. Initiated in fiscal year 1971, the improvement grant program provides one-year, one-time(More)
The Missouri Institute of Psychiatry Library Current Contents Service offers free dissemination of ISI's Current Contents: Behavioral, Social and Management Sciences to 144 mental health professionals employed at twelve locations in the Missouri Division of Mental Health system. The service includes free document delivery of up to 100 articles per(More)
A common vision for an electronic management environment is emerging. Fundamental to this vision is a radical change in the way that knowledge is captured, stored, manipulated, visualized and accessed. To bring these visions to reality, partnerships need to be formed between authors, publishers, and libraries. Research and development in knowledge(More)