Nina V Vysotina

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We analyze the existence, stability, and propagation of dissipative discrete localized modes in one- and two-dimensional nonlinear lattices composed of weakly coupled split-ring resonators (SRRs) excited by an external electromagnetic field. We employ the near-field interaction approach for describing quasi-static electric and magnetic interaction between(More)
We review the general features of particles, waves and solitons in dynamical cavities formed by oscillating cavity mirrors. Considered are the dynamics of classical particles in one-dimensional geometry of a dynamical billiard, taking into account the non-elastic collisions of particles with mirrors, the (quasi-energy) states of a single quantum particle in(More)
We demonstrate that nonlinear magnetic metamaterials comprised of a lattice of weakly coupled split-ring resonators driven by an external electromagnetic field may support entirely new classes of spatially localized modes--knotted solitons, which are stable self-localized dissipative structures in the form of closed knotted chains. We demonstrate different(More)
Generation of single or several few-cycle pulses in a laser by the technique of passive coherent mode-locking is numerically demonstrated for the case when the cavity round-trip time is comparable with the relaxation times of active (with gain) and passive (saturable absorber) media.
743 Artificial composite structures containing electric conducting elements or metamaterials have recently attracted much attention in view of their unique propp erties of negative magnetic susceptibility and backk ward wave propagation. In contrast to crystals, metamaterials allow control of the macroscopic charr acteristics by choosing the types and(More)
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