Nina Timofeeva

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The problem of the estimation of the entropy rate of a stationary ergodic process mu is considered. A new nonparametric entropy rate estimator is constructed for a sample of n sequences (X<sub>1</sub> <sup>(1)</sup>,...,X<sub>m</sub> <sup>(1)</sup> ),..., (X<sub>n</sub> <sup>(1)</sup> ,....,X<sub>m</sub> <sup>(n)</sup>) independently generated by mu. It is(More)
A new family of entropy estimators, constructed as a linear combination (weighted average) of nearest neighbor estimators with slightly different individual properties, is proposed. It is shown that a special sub-optimal selection of the coefficients in the linear combination results in a reduction of the estimatorpsilas bias. Computer simulation results(More)
The new compactification of moduli scheme of Gieseker-stable vector bundles with the given Hilbert polynomial on a smooth projective polarized surface (S, H), over the field k = ¯ k of zero characteristic, is constructed in previous papers of the author. Families of locally free sheaves on the surface S are completed by the locally free sheaves on the(More)
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