Nina Popova

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Interdependence of integrative processes in the relays of the analyzers of signal stimuli (auditory and visual) was estimated by EP parameters (latency, amplitude, and duration) of the first positive and negative components. It has been shown that the significance of the coefficients of correlation between EP parameters in the studied structures is(More)
—The mechanism of channel allocation used in the Medium Access Control (MAC) sub-layer for wireless devices in IEEE 802.11 standard is through a single MAC channel. The drawback with the single channel solution is when the number of nodes increases, the throughput is also reduced. However, using multiple channels solves this problem and increases channel(More)
Rapid expansion of online resources providing access to genomic, structural, and functional information associated with biological macromolecules opens an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of biological processes due to systematic analysis of large datasets. This, however, requires novel strategies to optimally utilize computer(More)
Using microchemical methods for detection of dopamine (DA), noradrenaline (NA), serotonin (S) and its metabolite--5'-hydroxyindolilacetic acid (5'-HIAA) as well as the activity of neuromediator-utilising enzymes--MAO A and B and enzymes of acetylcholine metabolism--cholinacetyltranspherase (ChAT) and acetylcholinesterase (AChE), we revealed that synthetic(More)
The article is devoted to commemoration of full member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Oleg Andreevich Adrianov, who would have celebrated his 75-th anniversary in 1998. O. S. Adrianov, author of numerous works on physiology and morphology of central nervous system, in the recent years of his was studying the problem of the processes relationship at(More)