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UNLABELLED Current psychological concepts of social and ecological responsibility emphasize the relevance of altruism, suggesting that more altruistic individuals are more likely to engage in sustainable behaviors. Emerging evidence indicates a central role of the neuropeptide oxytocin in promoting altruism. Whether this influence extends to ecological(More)
Bovine and human zonules were found to be composed of noncollagenous acidic glycoprotein with a high cysteine content, double that previously reported. In reduced zonular fractions the most prominent peptide had a molecular weight (MW) of approximately 70,000. Lesser quantities of 170,000, 50,000, and 35,000 dalton peptides were also present and a variable(More)
McLeod phenotype red cells of the Kell blood group system have acanthocytic morphology and reduced in vivo survival. The phenotype has an X-linked mode of inheritance and is found in some males who have no abnormality of leukocyte function and in some who have X-linked chronic granulomatous disease (CGD). We now describe an association between the McLeod(More)
F-merogenotes derived from F(14) by transductional shortening have previously been found to consist of the sex factor plus one or more of the ilv genes. It is shown here that they carry one or more ilv genes and a variable portion of the adjacent proximal ilv gene. This observation was used to develop a method, analogous to deletion mapping, for ordering(More)
Peripheral venous catheters (PVCs) are some of the most widely used medical devices in hospitals worldwide. PVC-related infections increase morbidity and treatment costs. The inner surfaces of PVCs are rarely examined for the population structure of bacteria, as it is generally believed that bacteria at this niche are similar to those on the external(More)
In this trilogy we have collected data from authors who are concerned with patients with respiratory complaints. Surprisingly there are unique problems in the residents of our State. The full impact of problems known to cause respiratory illnesses, such as asbestosis, will not be known for years to come. Other problems such as the effect of sugarcane(More)
The effects of spinal cord injury in childhood upon later psychological adjustment were investigated by comparing a group of 86 people injured as children with a control group (matched for time since injury and level of injury) of people injured as adults. It was hypothesized that adolescence is a crucial period in psychological development and that the(More)
Each year, companies invest billions of dollars into marketing activities to embellish brands as valuable relationship partners assuming that consumer brand relationships (CBRs) and interpersonal relationships rest upon the same neurobiological underpinnings. Given the crucial role of the neuropeptide oxytocin (OXT) in social bonding, this study tests(More)