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The social psychological phenomenon of alienation has been used to explain feelings of separation and estrangement with our increasingly technological society since it was first proposed by Marx. The present study represents an application of the theory of alienation to the attitudes of computer users in an attempt to explain their feelings, especially(More)
Sex differences in the way men and women hold hands were investigated in a series of six studies. Specifically, it was hypothesized that men would have the uppermost hand in male-female couples holding hands in public significantly more often than women. Also, the American couples observed in Study 1 were classified by height, those in Study 2 by age, those(More)
INTRODUCTION There are new concepts and developments in the diagnosis and management of acute pancreatitis. Current evidence suggests that there is no role of prophylactic antibiotics use in acute pancreatitis. However, it is still a common practice to administer prophylactic antibiotics in a country like Nepal. So, we have conducted a study in mild and(More)
The Basque Country (Autonomous Basque Country in Spain) has a population of over two million, with both Spanish and Basque as offi cial languages. Basque is used as a language of commerce both in the Basque Country and in locations around the world where Basques immigrated throughout history. One such location is Boise, Idaho, which has the only Basque(More)
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