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Sex differences in the way men and women hold hands were investigated in a series of six studies. Specifically, it was hypothesized that men would have the uppermost hand in male-female couples holding hands in public significantly more often than women. Also, the American couples observed in Study 1 were classified by height, those in Study 2 by age, those(More)
An international marketing exercise consists of students orally providing an introduction in a chosen foreign language of what they, as potential salespeople, might say to a client in that country. Students speak (not read) their prepared statements to the class and are leniently, yet constructively, evaluated on language use and pronunciation and marketing(More)
This article explores the role that language plays in the legacy tourism business, an increasingly important sub-segment of the tourism industry. While seemingly obvious that those traveling to the land of their ancestors may request language help from migration institutions, past research has never asked representatives of migration institutions what help(More)
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