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Demodex cafferi causes a nodular skin disease in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer) resulting in eczematous lesions in severely affected animals. Average prevalence in 193 animals was 28%, infection rates being highest in animals 1 to 3 years old and equal in both sexes. A granulomatous reaction occurred in the lumina of infected hair follicles with(More)
Abnormal tau accumulations were observed and documented in post-mortem brains of patients affected by Alzheimer's disease (AD) long before the identification of mutations in the Microtubule-associated protein tau (MAPT) gene, encoding the tau protein, in a different neurodegenerative disease called Frontotemporal dementia and Parkinsonism linked to(More)
605 buffalo, 60 lechwe, 23 kudu, 23 impala, 15 tsessebe, 22 sable and two reedbuck from Northern Botswana were examined for trypanosome infections by serological and/or parasitological means. The indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT), the haematocrit centrifugation technique (HCT) and rodent subinoculation were used. The overall prevalence of patent(More)
Senile plaques, a neuropathological hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, consist primarily of insoluble aggregates of beta-amyloid peptide (A beta). A 42-residue peptide (A beta 1-42) appears to be the predominant form. In contrast to A beta 1-40, A beta 1-42 is characterized by its extreme tendency to aggregate into fibers or precipitate. A tailored(More)
24 hartebeests (Alcelaphus buselaphus major), one waterbuck (Kobus defassa) and 16 kobs (Kobus kob) were immobilized during field work in Upper Volta. The use of the newly developed piperidine derivative R 33799 at weight treated dosage levels can be strongly recommended for the immobilisation of hartebeest. In this species the drug produces a sufficient(More)
At least 25 genes, many involved in trafficking, localisation or shaping of membrane organelles, have been identified as causative genes for the neurodegenerative disorder hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP). One of the most commonly mutated HSP genes, atlastin-1, encodes a dynamin-like GTPase that mediates homotypic fusion of endoplasmic reticulum (ER)(More)
We report the biotechnical production of peptides of approximately 35-50 amino acids in length containing one intramolecular disulfide bridge, using a recombinant fusion tail approach. This method fills the technological gap when either (a) chemical synthesis fails due to known problematic peptide sequences or (b) if simple recombinant expression is(More)
267 Tiere 19 afrikanischer Paarhuferarten wurden mit Hilfe eines Netzes gefangen, das aus einem speziellen Gewehr vom Hubschrauber aus abgefeuert wird, über das zu fangende Tier fällt und es immobilisiert. Technische Einzelheiten des Gewehres und der Fangmethode werden beschrieben, ihre Effiziens, Betriebskosten und fangbedingte Unfälle diskutiert. 267(More)
  • N Dräger
  • 2011
National and international efforts to eradicate tsetse fly-borne human and animal trypanosomiasis are critically evaluated, and possible reasons for their failure in many cases are discussed. Some formerly performed campaigns in specific areas with positive results cannot be taken as examples to solve the main problems. In future, a significant reduction of(More)