Nina L. Johnson

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To better understand selection processes in evolutionary systems (ecological to economic to social to artificial systems), the origins and role of diversity are examined in two systems that show increased group functionality (better performance, efficiency, robustness, adaptability, stability, etc.). Diversity was chosen as a clarifying concept, because it(More)
Vibrationally activated CF(3)CH(2)CH(2)Cl molecules were prepared with 94 kcal mol(-1) of vibrational energy by the combination of CF(3)CH(2) and CH(2)Cl radicals and with 101 kcal mol(-1) of energy by the combination of CF(3) and CH(2)CH(2)Cl radicals at room temperature. The unimolecular rate constants for elimination of HCl from CF(3)CH(2)CH(2)Cl were(More)