Nina J. Cleven

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This paper presents a novel fully implantable wireless sensor system intended for long-term monitoring of hypertension patients, designed for implantation into the femoral artery with computed tomography angiography. It consists of a pressure sensor and a telemetric unit, which is wirelessly connected to an extracorporeal readout station for energy supply(More)
Devices constantly tracking the blood pressure (BP) of hypertensive patients are highly desired to facilitate effective patient management and to reduce hospitalization. We report on experiences gathered in a pilot study that was designed to evaluate the prototype of a newly developed, minimally invasive implantable sensor system for long-term BP(More)
Long-term monitoring of malign hypertension patients is important for physicians to prescribe appropriate medical treatment in order to reduce the incidence of secondary consequences such as stroke, kidney failure or heart insufficiency. However, current devices are not suited for long-term blood-pressure measurement. In order to address this need, we(More)
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