Nina Hubig

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Social networks play an important role in Web2.0. Formanyusers establishing contacts and staying in touch in the virtual world is more than just aspare time filler.I ns ocial networks likeF acebook theyp rovide much information about themselves in user profiles. Also for online dating the focus is on establishing newcontacts. In general, three types of(More)
At the present day the world wide web is full of music. Highly effective algorithms for music compression and high data storage has made it easy to access all kind of music easily. However, it is not possible to look for a similar piece of music or a sound as easily as to google for a similar kind of text. Music is filtered by its title or artist. Although(More)
Zusammenfassung. Die Nutzung komplexer Algorithmen zur Analyse oft hochdimensionaler Datensätze gerät im Kontext von " Big Data " immer mehr in das Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit. Um diese komple-xen Datenanalysen effizient zu ermöglichen liegt es nahe, sie in die am weitesten verbreiteten Datenspeicher zu integrieren – in relationale Da-tenbanksysteme. Dies(More)
Data measured in wireless sensor networks are inherently imprecise, due to a number of reasons, and aggregate queries are often used to analyze the collected data in order to alleviate the impact of such imprecision. In this paper we will deal with the imprecision in the measured values explicitly by employing a probabilistic approach and we focus on one(More)
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