Nina Helander

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COMPONENTS • Generic / Tailored • Importanc e • Size • Flexibility • Evaluating IPR • License s • Divided IPRs • Competence in handling IPRs • Number and type of existing IPRs INTERMEDIARY • Electronic market place • ASP DERIVED DEMAND SOFTWARE PRODUCT ARCHITECTURE OCM SUPPLIER • Size • Other customers OCM COMPANY • Size • Other suppliers • Industry E/T/A?(More)
In this paper, we aim to identify what kinds of knowledge management (KM) challenges are typical in the renewal of software development processes, and to propose solutions to the identified challenges. The research is a qualitative case study of a large software company renewing its software development processes towards reuse of software code, i.e.(More)
This paper explores how the use of a business model enables value creation in an Open Source Software (OSS) environment. Open Source offers one possibility for firms that are continuously looking for new opportunities and ways of organizing their business activities to increase the amount of value they can appropriate through their capabilities. The authors(More)
A case research is carried out on adoption of open source software (OSS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the telecommunication industry. The study was conducted to examine the types of software deployed as OSS and SaaS and the conditions of adopting OSS and SaaS. Findings of the case study indicate that industry-specific software is not developed as OSS(More)