Nina Halín

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EndoAssist is a robotic camera-holding device controlled by the operator's head movements. Operations on forty-nine patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery were made using the robotic assistant. The aim of our project was to find out how using an EndoAssist-robot influences the operating times in contrast to using human assistant. A further aim was to(More)
We examined the functionality and reliability of a wearable physiological monitoring system (LifeShirt) during normal daily activities and in a hospital operating room (OR) environment. The garment collects physiological data such as oxygen saturation, and stores them in a recorder from which it can be read afterwards. Ten normal subjects wore the shirt(More)
In this paper we describe how to use IP-videoconferencing systems in medical surgery consulting. We started to think about how we could use special doctor's services without patients having to travel a long way. The answer to this question is that the information goes from one place to another, not the patient. First we had a pilot project, where we used(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of our prospective study was to examine the technical ability and the medical suitability of a realtime teleconferencing system in surgical consultations. METHOD A personal computer-based-videoconferencing system was used over an architecture of the IP (Internet Protocol) over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) area network connecting(More)
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