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Theories for the evolution of sex rarely include facultatively sexual reproduction. Sexual harassment by males is an underappreciated factor: it should at first sight increase the relative advantage of asexual reproduction by increasing the cost of sex. However, if the same females can perform either sexual or asexual life cycles, then females trying to(More)
Since organizational information security policies can only improve security if employees comply with them, understanding the factors that affect employee security compliance is crucial for strengthening information security. Based on a survey with 200 German employees, we find that reward for production goal achievement negatively impacts security(More)
Theory predicts that animals should adjust their escape responses to the perceived predation risk. The information animals obtain about potential predation risk may differ qualitatively depending on the sensory modality by which a cue is perceived. For instance, olfactory cues may reveal better information about the presence or absence of threats, whereas(More)
With today's dual pressures demanding quality health care at more affordable prices, it's little wonder many hospital executives are worried about their institutions' financial health--and even their jobs. Still, many of these officials are trying to keep a positive face on things. In part, they express the hope that creative product supply systems and(More)
Although social networks like Facebook have become an important part of social communication and daily life for many people, most users have concerns regarding their privacy on Facebook. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how users try to protect their private data on Facebook, we conducted an online survey with 280 German Facebook users. We used(More)
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