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Evolution and change in data management—issues and directions. JF Roddick A formal model for temporal schema versioning in object-oriented databases. A Query Language for a Versioned Object Oriented Database. Temporal and versioning model for schema evolution in object-oriented databases. Data Knowl. model space that consists of the semantic and the(More)
The need to represent and manage the temporal aspects of the geographic reality has demanded efforts in the geoprocessing area. The complexity of the spatio-temporal information manipulated by a Geographic Information System (GIS) has demanded special efforts for the creation of a conceptual data model able to represent reality phenomena naturally. This(More)
This article presents a cooperative environment for e-learning authoring, which allows the cooperation between educators and technical people in order to create material for e-learning courses. Our approach while building this environment was to use mainly web standards, like XML, SMIL, SVG and WebDAV, and open software. We combine some features like(More)
The Temporal Versions Model (TVM) is an Object Oriented Data Model developed to store the object versions and, for each version, the history of its dynamic attributes and relationships values. In this work, we propose a query language for this model. The language, called Temporal Versioned Query Language-TVQL, is based on SQL, adding new features to recover(More)
Development of a wide spread project intended to teaching Computer Science, integrating a considerable number of students all over a country with big geographical extension and scarce educational funding such as Brazil, is a complex task. The communication technology is an important factor in this case to maintain the expenses under control and assure the(More)