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The use of microarray and comparative genomic technologies for the analysis of host-pathogen interactions has led to a greater understanding of the biological systems involved in infectious disease processes. Transcriptome analysis of intracellular pathogens at single or multiple time points during infection offers insight into the pathogen intracellular(More)
One century after the discovery of Chagas disease, it is still considered as a major health problem, causing more deaths in the Americas than any other parasitic disease. The northwest region of São Paulo, a macro-region that includes cities with a high-quality of life, has particularly high rates of Chagas disease. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the(More)
In addition to the epidemiological importance regarding the transmission of Chagas disease, triatomines are also important biological models for cellular studies, because they have holocentric chromosomes, post-reductional meiosis for sex chromosomes, and nucleolar persistence. Although the nucleolus is present during spermiogenesis, it was suggested that(More)
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