Nina Begicevic

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The prioritization of projects in higher education institutions is a complex decision-making problem. In this paper we deal with a problem of making a decision on whether to start a new project application, and if so, which project to choose in a situation where project teams have several project ideas and limited resources. The purpose of the paper is to(More)
The specific objectives of the paper are: validation of the theoretical model for strategic planning of e-learning implementation by means of factor analysis, presentation of the structure of AHP and ANP models for decision making about e-learning implementation, comparison between developed AHP and ANP models, analysis of the results of group decision(More)
This paper presents an overview of quality and usability evaluation in e-learning. At the same time, it shows a method for evaluating e-courses by comparing the attributes of two (or more) e-courses using a detailed checklist. In this empirical study, several groups of students evaluated two e-courses with an evaluation survey consisting of a large set of(More)
JIOS is published twice a year JIOS is abstracted (indexed) in: INSPEC, Referativnyj žurnal (Informatika), Zentralblatt für Mathematik/Mathematics Abstracts, and Mathematical Reviews Abstract: In the paper the possibility to use mathematical models and statistical techniques in strategic planning and decision making about e-learning is presented. Strategic(More)