Nina Begicevic

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The prioritization of projects in higher education institutions is a complex decision-making problem. In this paper we deal with a problem of making a decision on whether to start a new project application, and if so, which project to choose in a situation where project teams have several project ideas and limited resources. The purpose of the paper is to(More)
This paper presents an overview of quality and usability evaluation in e-learning. At the same time, it shows a method for evaluating e-courses by comparing the attributes of two (or more) e-courses using a detailed checklist. In this empirical study, several groups of students evaluated two e-courses with an evaluation survey consisting of a large set of(More)
Risk Management has become a very important issue in the corporate management in recent years. Similarly, Public Sector recognized the importance of Risk Management but the implementation of Risk Management principles in Croatia is mainly focused on financial aspects with subsequent checks. This paper presents the Conceptual Enterprise Risk Management Model(More)
This paper deals with the methodology for online study program development which was constructed to meet the needs of students, teachers and the institution. The proposed methodology consists of four phases: 1.) Problem definition, 2.) Strategic decision making, 3.) Implementation, 4.) Evaluation. In the first phase, situation analysis is performed and(More)
The main objective of the paper is to present results of a research on pupils' perspectives on fulfillment of preconditions for implementation of e-learning in primary schools in Croatia. Survey was completed by 1302 pupils from five urban and five rural primary schools in five geographical regions in Croatia. Prerequisites, which are investigated in the(More)
Today's organizations should have a good and trustworthy system implemented for the needs of interaction with their customers. One of the main tools that take care of such interactions is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Choosing the right CRM solution is never easy and there is a growing trend of CRM implementation failures all over the(More)
The specific objectives of the paper are: validation of the theoretical model for strategic planning of e-learning implementation by means of factor analysis, presentation of the structure of AHP and ANP models for decision making about e-learning implementation, comparison between developed AHP and ANP models, analysis of the results of group decision(More)