Nina A. Sapoletova

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Using microradian X-ray diffraction, we investigated the crystal structure of convectively assembled colloidal photonic crystals over macroscopic (0.5 mm) distances. Through adaptation of Wilson's theory for X-ray diffraction, we show that certain types of line defects that are often observed in scanning electron microscopy images of the surface of these(More)
We present a new technique for large-scale fabrication of colloidal crystals with controllable quality and thickness. The method is based on vertical deposition in the presence of a DC electric field normal to the conducting substrate. The crystal structure and quality are quantitatively characterized by microradian X-ray diffraction, scanning electron(More)
Here we report the synthesis and investigation of cobalt nanowire arrays using mesoporous silica as a host material. In the present work, a novel variant of synthesis of ordered magnetic nanowires in the mesoporous silica matrix was suggested. The method is based on incorporation of a hydrophobic metal compound Co2(CO)8 into the hydrophobic part of the(More)
The kinetics of nickel electrodeposition through a template of ordered polystyrene spheres is addressed experimentally and applied to prepare a series of metallic inverse opals with a non-integer number of layers. The observed layer-by-layer growth is discussed in terms of subsequently increasing disorder of the growth front. Reflection and transmission(More)
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