Nimmy Ravindran

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The issues of data integration and interoperability pose significant challenges in scientific hydrological and environmental studies, due largely to the inherent semantic and structural heterogeneities of massive datasets and non-uniform autonomous data sources. To address these data integration challenges, we propose a unified data integration framework,(More)
One of the challenging tasks in data management and interoperation is efficient data integration. Data integration in scientific community is affected by heterogeneities of the data and diversity of the participating data sources. We have developed a web-based data integration framework, HIDE, for hydrology datasets and data sources. The system is built on(More)
Efficient data integration is one of the most challenging problems in data management, interoperation and analysis. The Earth science data which are heterogeneous are collected at various geographical locations for scientific studies and operational uses. The intrinsic problem of archiving, distributing and searching such huge scientific datasets is(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate and compare the magnitude and direction of initial displacement of the canine produced by four different canine retraction springs. MATERIALS AND METHODS A freshly macerated mandible was used as an experimental model. First premolars were extracted, and strap-up was done with a 0.018 inch Roth Preadjusted Edgewise System (3M Unitek,(More)
A simple mathematical model for the growth of tumour with discrete time delay in the immune system is considered. The dynamical behaviour of our system by analysing the existence and stability of our system at various equilibria is discussed elaborately. We set up an optimal control problem relative to the model so as to minimize the number of tumour cells(More)
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