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Given a subspace<inline-equation><f><blkbd>X&#8838;R</blkbd><sup>d</sup></f></inline-equation> and a finite set <inline-equation><f>S&#8838;<blkbd>R</blkbd><sup>d</sup></f></inline-equation>, we introduce the Delaunay simplicial complex, <inline-equation><f><sc>D</sc><inf><blkbd>X</blkbd></inf></f></inline-equation>, restricted by(More)
A set of n weighted points in general position in R d defines a unique regular triangulation. This paper proves that if the points are added one by one, then flipping in a topological order will succeed in constructing this triangulation. If, in addition, the points are added in a random sequence and the history of the flips is used for locating the next(More)
We propose a new multiframe algorithm to enhance the spatial resolution of frames in video sequences. Our technique specifically accounts for the possibility that motion estimation will be inaccurate and compensates for these inaccuracies. Experiments show that our multiframe enhancement algorithm yields perceptibly sharper enhanced images with significant(More)