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BACKGROUND Population based studies on prevalence and risk factors of NAFLD in Iranian population are few. The prevalence of NAFLD and non alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) in Iranians varies from 2.9% to 7.1% in general population and 55.8% in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and determinants of non alcoholic(More)
OBJECT Postprocedural hypotension and bradycardia are important complications of carotid artery stenting (CAS) and are referred to as hemodynamic instability (HI). However, the incidence and impact of HI on the short-term prognosis of patients have been of a large debate. METHODS Twenty-seven patients were selected based on NASCET criteria, and they(More)
Although Alzheimer's disease (AD) poses a major health problem in both developing and developed countries, no definite treatment is available for its cure; hence efforts are being focused on introducing disease-modifying agents for slowing down its course. Recent studies on the effects of sildenafil on different organs have shown that PDE-5 inhibitors may(More)
INTRODUCTION Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an acute, acquired, monophasic peripheral neuropathy which has become the most common cause of acute flaccid paralysis. This is an epidemiological report on the seasonal and monthly distribution of GBS and certain patient characteristics in Shiraz, Iran. METHODS We extracted data from Namazi hospital records(More)
Current practices in studying cardiac arrhythmias primarily use electrical or optical surface recordings of a heart, spatially limited transmural recordings, and mathematical models. However, given that such arrhythmias occur on a 3D myocardial tissue, information obtained from such practices lack in dimension, completeness, and are sometimes prone to(More)
There are 1.4 million estimated cases of hepatitis A every year worldwide. We aimed to detect the correlates of poor outcome in patients with hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection. In this four-year retrospective study, which was conducted in Shiraz, Southern Iran, data of all hospitalized HAV patients were analyzed by SPSS and STATA. Out of 110 HAV patients, 8(More)
We show that cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells can be stimulated to produce atrial natriuretic peptide-like immunoreactivity (ANP). ANP levels increased 5-fold in response to either forskolin or phorbol ester treatment, and 17-fold after depolarization by 40 mM potassium. These agents appear to act through distinct second messenger mediated pathways(More)
Spatial distribution of injected current in a subject could be calculated and visualized through current density imaging (CDI). Calculated CDI paths however have a limited degree of accuracy due to both avoidable methodological errors and inevitable limitations dictated by MR imaging constraints. The source and impact of these limitations are scrutinized in(More)
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