Nima Nikzad

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Environmental exposures are a critical component in the development of chronic conditions such as asthma and cancer. Yet, medical and public health practitioners typically must depend on sparse regional measurements of the environment that provide macro-scale summaries. Recent projects have begun to measure an individual's exposure to these factors, often(More)
Individual and community health can be greatly impacted by poor air quality. Unfortunately air quality metrics are hard for individuals to obtain and are often not precise enough for people to make the inferences they need to construct positive personal health choices. Through the Citisense mobile air quality system we enable users to track their personal(More)
Energy-efficiency is a key concern in continuously-running mobile applications, such as those for health and context monitoring. Unfortunately, developers must implement complex and customized power-management policies for each application. This involves the use of complex primitives and writing error-prone multithreaded code to monitor hardware state. To(More)
In this work we present CitiSense, a new kind RI ³FLWL]HQ LQIUDVWUXFWXUH´for the monitoring of pollution and environmental conditions that users are exposed to. By utilizing mobile phones and affordable, small sensors placed in the environment and carried by users, data about pollutants such as ozone and carbon monoxide is collected and used to provide(More)
Poor air quality is a growing global health concern that impacts millions of people worldwide. Although we are beginning to understand the health impacts of air pollution, it remains a challenge to provide people with the information they need to be able to make health-conscious choices. The CitiSense system gives individuals the real-time tools they need(More)
BACKGROUND The advent of digital technology has enabled individuals to track meaningful biometric data about themselves. This novel capability has spurred nontraditional health care organizations to develop systems that aid users in managing their health. One of the most prolific systems is Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices (BRhc) program, an(More)
Energy-efficiency is a critical concern in continuously-running mobile applications, such as those for health and context monitoring. An attractive approach to saving energy in such applications is to defer the execution of delay-tolerant operations until a time when they would consume less energy. However, introducing delays to save power may have a(More)
— Recently, regarding to the occurrence of global challenges including economic recession, continental changes and public consequences, human's creativity and inventions(Patent) are essential to find out sufficient solutions in future. Also, country of origin is used to categorize Intellectual Property(IP) data by resident(domestic) and(More)