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This paper presents the results of an exploratory comparative study in which we investigated the relationship between interface style and school-aged children's enjoyment and engagement while doing puzzles. Pairs of participants played with a jigsaw puzzle that was implemented using three different interface styles: physical (traditional), graphical and(More)
Multi-touch interaction with computationally enhanced surfaces has received considerable attention in recent years. Hardware implementations of multi-touch interaction such as Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) and Diffused Illumination (DI) have allowed for the low cost development of surfaces. Although many of these technologies and associated(More)
In this paper, we describe our first prototype in implementing a robust and low-cost multi-touch and tangible system using a High Definition LCD monitor. Since our prototype utilizes an LCD, we discuss and compare the advantages that HD LCD monitors provide over projectors. Secondly, we give an overview of the sensing data the system can detect, and what(More)
The EventTable technique is a tangible object tracking technique implemented on a camera vision based tabletop platform. The technique supports an event-driven -- rather than object centric -- tracking technique. Fiducial markers are distributed between objects. When objects are brought into a proximal or connected relationship, a whole marker is formed and(More)
The sense of touch has been traditionally neglected in aesthetics. However, interaction design seems to always require some level of tactility or body activity for the experience. In this paper, I first give an overview of the historical arguments against a tactile aesthetics and offer reasons why these reasons are no longer valid. In the second section, I(More)
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