Nima Karimpour Darav

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  • 2014
4 Welcome Welcome to the 24th edition of the Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI) 2014 held in Houston, Texas. GLSVLSI is a premier venue for the dissemination of manuscripts of the highest quality BLOCKINin BLOCKINall BLOCKINareas BLOCKINrelated BLOCKINto BLOCKINVLSI, BLOCKINdevices BLOCKINand BLOCKINsystem BLOCKINlevel BLOCKINdesign. BLOCKINThe(More)
The placement problem has become more complex and challenging due to a wide variety of complicated constraints imposed by modern process technologies. Some of the most challenging constraints and objectives were highlighted during the most recent ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) contests. In this article, the framework of Eh?Placer(More)
Meeting timing requirements and improving routability are becoming more challenging in modern design technologies. Most timing-driven placement approaches ignore routability concerns which may lead to a gap in routing quality between the actual routing and what is expected. In this paper, we propose a routing-aware incremental timing-driven(More)
In this paper we propose a detailed placement algorithm targeting detailed rout ability for designs at or smaller than 22nm. The sheer number and complexity of routing design rules at these feature sizes preclude direct incorporation of detailed routing rules into a placement algorithm. However, using the detail routing information to guide the placement(More)
The placement problem has become challenging due to a variety of complicated constraints imposed by modern process technologies. Some of the most challenging constraints were highlighted during the ISPD 2015 placement contest and include fence region and target density constraints; these constraints are in addition to those issues that affect detailed(More)
In this paper, we represent a CBM-Of-TRaCE which is an ontological framework that integrates two aspects of business components: conceptual and methodology. In the development of our framework we have taken IBM's Actionable Business Approach (ABA) in to consideration. We evaluate our framework through some aspects such as support and facilitation for a(More)
The standard-cell placement legalization problem has become critical due to increasing design rule complexity and design utilization at 16nm and lower technology nodes. An ideal legalization approach should preserve the quality of the input placement in terms of routability and timing, as well as effectively manage white space availability and have low(More)