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BACKGROUND Unstable meniscal tears are rare injuries in skeletally immature patients. Loss of a meniscus increases the risk of subsequent development of degenerative changes in the knee. This study deals with the outcome of intraarticular meniscal repair and factors that affect healing. Parameters of interest were type and location of the tear and also the(More)
We examined the variation in the origin of the tibialis anterior muscle from the lateral aspect of the tibial shaft and interosseous membrane as well as the variation in the morphology of its musculotendinous junction. Forty cadaveric lower leg specimens (20 right and 20 left) were dissected to reveal the anterior compartment. The origin of the tibialis(More)
Posterior fracture-dislocation of hip is uncommonly encountered in rugby injuries. We report such a case in an adult while playing rugby. The treating orthopaedician can be caught unaware and injuries in such sports can be potentially misdiagnosed as hip sprains. Immediate reduction of the dislocation was performed in theatres. The fracture was fixed with(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to provide guidance on the safe zones for the exposure of the proximal radius by measuring the distance from the PIN to various anatomical landmarks in the proximal forearm in pronation and supination. METHODS Twenty cadaveric arms were used for this study. On the anterior aspect of the forearm, the distance between(More)
Operative treatment of displaced and comminuted radial head fractures involves internal fixation with plates and screws in cases where reconstruction is possible and replacement with a radial head prosthesis when comminution renders the radial head unreconstructable. The purposes of this study were to evaluate the morphometry of the radial head using a(More)
Monteggia fractures are rare in children, and subtle radial head dislocations, with minor plastic deformation of the ulna, may be missed in up to a third of cases. Complications of Monteggia fractures-dislocations include persistent radial head dislocation, forearm deformity, elbow stiffness, and nerve palsies at the time of presentation. An unusual case of(More)
One major feature of social networks (e.g., massive online social networks) is the dissemination of information, such as news, rumors and opinions. Information can be propagated via natural connections in written, oral or electronic forms. The physics of information diffusion has been changed with the mainstream adoption of the Internet and Web. Until a few(More)
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