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A large body of research in software requirement engineering domain has been dedicated to enhancing the structure of task scenarios using scenario schemas and pre-defined structures. However, less attention has been paid to the application of schemas in extracting design knowledge from scenarios. In this paper, we propose a schema-based technique to extract(More)
View-based software development is well adopted in forward engineering. However, most reverse engineering techniques still consider a single view of a software system with restricted scope of analysis. In this paper, we propose a novel approach that amalgamates dynamic and static views of a software system. The dynamic view is represented through profiling(More)
Most approaches in reverse engineering literature generate a single view of a software system that restricts the scope of the reconstruction process. We propose an orchestrated set of techniques and a multi-view toolkit to reconstruct three views of a software system such as design, behavior, and structure. Scenarios are central in generating design and(More)
Objective: Taking the appropriate psychological actions to boost the mental health of patients with breast cancer is critical. This research was performed with the aim of examining the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral group therapy on reducing body image concerns in patients with breast cancer. Methodology: TThe method used was quasi-experimental with(More)
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