Nilson Borges Ramos

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The evolution of Chagas' cardiomyopathy is poorly understood. We therefore examined the development of cardiac lesions in a rural Brazilian community for a period of 7 years. Initially, 42% of 1017 residents were seropositive for infection with Trypanosoma cruzi. Age-specific infection rates indicated that most had become infected before the age of 20(More)
The relationship between parasitemia, seroreactivity to Trypanosoma cruzi, and electrocardiographic abnormalities was studied in 115 individuals from a rural community in northeast Brazil where Chagas' disease is endemic. Vector control measures were introduced, and after 3 years 106 of the original participants were located and re-examined. Serum(More)
An outbreak of 20 cases of acute Chagas' disease followed the movement of Triatoma infestans into the county of Riacho de Santana, Bahia, Brazil. The outbreak was unusual in that the majority of cases occurred in adults. Vector control measures were implemented. Three years after the outbreak, a rural community was examined to determine the extent of human(More)
Epidemiologic studies offer important clues regarding the pathogenesis, evolution, and prognosis of Chagas’ heart disease. In this context immunologic procedures provide an index of the prevalence of infection, while the electrocardiogram remains the basic tool for determining the prevalence of disease and for studying its natural history. There is no(More)
Percutaneous Management of Coronary Artery Fistula in an Adult and Clinical Outcome Fabio Solano F. Souza1, André Goyanna2, Humberto Álvaro Gonçalves2, Adriano Lopes Avelar3, Antônio Gilson Lapa Godinho1, Nilson Borges Ramos1 Serviço de Hemodinâmica e Cardiologia Intervencionista do Núcleo Pró-Saúde em Cardiologia, Hospital da Sagrada Família1, Salvador,(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the clinical and angiographic predictors of early outcome following coronary stent implantation. METHODS Nine hundred and forty-six patients (pt) [61.04 +/- 10.98 years old, range 31 to 91] underwent stent implantation; 580 male (61.3%). Procedural success was defined when a pt had at least one vessel successfully dilated with a(More)
The health care supervisor responsible for establishing a therapeutic milieu within a traditional hospital organization will have greater success if these suggested management strategies are employed. Decentralizing, improving organizational communication, and clarifying interdisciplinary role relationships are the strategies that support the integration of(More)
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