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An immunochromatographic lateral flow dipstick assay for the fast detection of microcystin-LR was developed. Colloid gold particles with diameters of 40 nm were used as red-colored antibody labels for the visual detection of the antigen. The new dipstick sensor is capable of detecting down to 5 microg x l(-1) (ppb; total inversion of the color signal) or 1(More)
The development of a cost-effective hydrolysis for crude cellulose is an essential part of biorefinery developments. To establish such high solid hydrolysis, a new solid state reactor with static mixing is used. However, concentrations >10% (w/w) cause a rate and yield reduction of enzymatic hydrolysis. By optimizing the synergetic activity of cellulolytic(More)
The development prospects of the world markets for petroleum and other liquid fuels are diverse and partly contradictory. However, comprehensive changes for the energy supply of the future are essential. Notwithstanding the fact that there are still very large deposits of energy resources from a geological point of view, the finite nature of conventional(More)
Mannoheptulose is a seven-carbon sugar. It is an inhibitor of glucose-induced insulin secretion due to its ability to selectively inhibit the enzyme glucokinase. An improved procedure for mannoheptulose isolation from avocados is described in this study (based upon the original method by La Forge). The study focuses on the combination of biotransformation(More)
The interplay of albumin (BSA) and lysozyme (LYZ) adsorbed simultaneously on titanium was analyzed by gel electrophoresis and BCA assay. It was found that BSA and lysozyme adsorb cooperatively. Additionally, the isoelectric point of the respective protein influences the adsorption. Also, the enzymatic activity of lysozyme and amylase (AMY) in mixtures with(More)
Nitrate is an undesirable component of several foods. A typical case of contamination with high nitrate contents is whey concentrate, containing nitrate in concentrations up to 25 l. The microbiological removal of nitrate by Paracoccus denitrificans under formation of harmless nitrogen in combination with a cell retention reactor is described here. Focus(More)
For the successful implementation of microfluidic reaction systems, such as PCR and electrophoresis, the movement of small liquid volumes is essential. In conventional lab-on-a-chip-platforms, solvents and samples are passed through defined microfluidic channels with complex flow control installations. The droplet actuation platform presented here is a(More)
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