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The BlueGene/L supercomputer will consist of 65,536 dual-processor compute nodes interconnected by two high-speed networks: a three-dimensional torus network and a tree topology network. Each compute node can only address its own local memory, making message passing the natural programming model for BlueGene/L. In this paper we present our implementation of(More)
performance tools X. Martorell N. Smeds R. Walkup J. R. Brunheroto G. Almási J. A. Gunnels L. DeRose J. Labarta F. Escalé J. Giménez H. Servat J. E. Moreira Good performance monitoring is the basis of modern performance analysis tools for application optimization. We are providing a variety of such performance analysis tools for the new Blue Genet/L(More)
This talk describes the various stages of ATLAS Data Challenge 2 (DC2) in what concerns usage of resources deployed via NorduGrid’s Advanced Resource Connector (ARC). It also describes the integration of these resources with the ATLAS production system using the Dulcinea executor. ATLAS Data Challenge 2 (DC2), run in 2004, was designed to be a step forward(More)
The IBM BlueGene/L (BG/L) super-computer holds 3 of the top 10 rankings on the 26th TOP500 list of LINPACK performance. The system is novel in its design in many aspects when compared to other more traditional high-performance computing systems. When developing system libraries as well as when tuning application code for BG/L it is essential to be able to(More)
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