Nils Peter Borgstrom

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—We present NIMS3D, a novel 3-D cabled robot for actuated sensing applications. We provide a brief overview of the main hardware components. Next, we describe installation procedures , including novel calibration methods, that enable rapid in-field deployability for nonexpert end users, and provide simulations and experimental results to highlight their(More)
— In this paper we present algorithms that enable precise trajectory control of NIMS3D, an underconstrained, three-dimensional cabled robot intended for use in actuated sensing. We begin by offering a brief system overview and then describe methods to determine the range of operation of the robot. Next, a discrete-time model of the system is presented.(More)
— In this paper we describe an algorithm to generate energy efficient trajectories for NIMS3D, a three-dimensional cabled robotic platform. Optimized parabolic paths are used to exploit the relatively low I 2 R loss associated with operation in lower regions of the workspace. Trajectory optimization is sufficiently fast to enable real time operation.(More)
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